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Name:Garrett Michael Holt
Birthdate:Apr 30
Location:Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Garrett Michael Holt was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, the son of single mother, Carrie Holt, and Casey Miller, a rodeo rider she'd grown up with. Garrett was born when his mom was in her early twenties, and his dad strongly suggested that she get rid of him, either by abortion before he was born, or adoption afterward, but Carrie refused to let go of Garrett. When he was born, she raised him without even naming Casey as his father, and never once asked for help of any kind, financial or otherwise. Casey disappeared, out on the rodeo circuit, never to be seen or heard from again, and Garrett was raised completely without a father.

He grew up often wondering why his dad wasn't there and didn't care about him, but his mom did the best she could, working two and sometimes even three jobs to ensure that he was cared for. Garrett went to school, but he was never the best student. He struggled with reading from a young age, but teachers just kept passing the buck with his problems. He desperately wanted to succeed in school, planning as a little boy to grow up and get a good job so that his mom wouldn't have to work so hard anymore, but that never turned out to be the case. He couldn't do it... School just never got easier for him, and a few years into school, he got so discouraged that he effectively gave up, barely scraping by with horrible grades, and being held back twice.

He was just biding his time, trying to get through, with dreams of something bigger and better. He bought a secondhand bass guitar off a classmate, and found that music made sense to him when books and schoolwork didn't. His plan reformulated in his head, and one day, he decided that he'd become a rock musician... maybe even a rock star, and make sure that his mom would be provided for without having to work so hard when he was a man.

It was at a rodeo when he was 16 that he met Fin Bennett, who would become one of his best friends. Fin was a little younger, and they met, ironically, when Fin was in town for the rodeo and Garrett was there with his friends, scouting out the cowgirls. He scored with more than one of the cowgirls, but also managed to score a best friend, who happened to be a short, skinny gay guy. He didn't stay short for long though, and is now taller than Garrett.

Every summer after that first meeting, Garrett went to spend the summers with Fin's family. It was the first chance that he got to ride horses, something he always wanted to do, but never could afford. Before taking to music, he'd once imagined being a rodeo rider, but that never panned out. It was just outside of his realm of being able to afford things. The summers were some of the best times of his life, and he also came out to visit as much as he could, making the 5 hour drive from Dallas to Fin's family farm in Arkansas. It became easier to do so when he dropped out of school right before turning 17.

It was on one of those trips to Arkansas that Garrett picked up a side job, selling pills at a party that he went to with Fin. He didn't tell Fin that he was doing it, and he was determined to make sure the younger boy didn't get involved, but it was one of the pills that he'd sold that eventually made its way to Fin and made him seriously ill. It all spiraled out of control quickly, leading to Fin getting sent to his father in New York City... and to Garrett feeling intense guilt that he couldn't even begin to explain.

With Fin back in Texas for the rodeo, Garrett is determined to make sure that his best friend is doing okay. He's already made a plan to go to New York and try to make some more money to send home to his mom.
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